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Jan 2nd 2020 by Joshua Williams

A few months ago, I created a blog using the Hexo platform, and was actually able to host it on the bitcoin blockchain. Pretty cool. You can check out the site here:

or by using this shortened link:

So, there are a couple of issues with this blog. First of all, there is the painfully weird URL address. All those numbers/letters are very intimidating, and it can look like a fake website to most people. The long string of numbers/letters is actually a bitcoin address.

You can see the transactions used to build the website on the blockchain by using a blockchain explorer, such as What's On Chain:

See how the address (starting with '15aYtcc....') matches the above link (the one starting with

When I post to the blockchain, it costs a few "satoshis", which are basically fractions of a whole bitcoin. It was equivalent to a few cents. And, no need to pay for a hosting service or other server... the blockchain stored the entire blog. That's pretty cool. Basically, I created an address just for the blog, and added less than a dollar-worth of bitcoin. That amount would have covered many transactions to the blog.

Of course, as soon as it posted, I noticed some spelling mistakes... and some other things I wanted to change. So, every time I wanted to make a change, it would cost me some minor fees. I was busy at the time with a programming course, so I really didn't update the metanet blog as much I should have.

In future posts, I'll be going through this whole process of building a blog that's effectively hosted on the blockchain. I'm probably going to create some small sites that will act as examples, and then put them on the blockchain. I'll also be talking about some of the benefits to having a blog on-chain, along with some of the problems and issues. Hopefully you'll find these topics interesting!

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Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams is the founder of CreateSV. He wants creators to own their work, generate value, and fully understand the Bitcoin environment.