Blogging, in the Age of Bitcoin

Jan 6th 2020 by Joshua Williams

What will blogging look like, in the age of bitcoin?

In my mind, I'm picturing a suite of tools-- built on bitcoin-- that will rival the tools offered by major blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Medium, and Ghost.

Some cool features that I'd like to see:

-100% ownership of all creative work; obviously, a critical feature of any bitcoin-related app is that if the platform goes down (for example, a platform such as Medium), then the creator still has full access to the content, as well as complete ownership of it

-Option to post onto the blockchain, directly from the app

-Option to create paywalls for readers

-Ability to timestamp posts (for example, posts that aren't necessarily stored on the blockchain could be given a timestamp, using blockchain data)

-Allow for comments, in a manner that leverages bitcoin, to reduce spam and to avoid relying on a database to store the comments (this is something I've been thinking about lately, with this CreateSV blog)

-Ability to manage subscriptions, such as for a newsletter (perhaps through Baemail, or via paymail accounts)

-Simple interface to manage content and any tools deployed on the site (the Content Management System)

I'm hoping to experiment with some of the above features with this blog.

The ability to fully own your work and earn from it on your own terms-- without relying on advertisers or the dictated payment systems of a corporate platform-- is an awesome potential, enabled by bitcoin. With a user-friendly, bitcoin-based system for blogging, I imagine that many people would choose to host their content on such a platform, as opposed to the current major options.

What are your thoughts? What other features do you imagine for a blogging platform in the age of bitcoin (micropayments?), and what would these features look like? If you're on Twetch, let me know what you think by commenting on this Twetch post, via this link: Twetch-CreateSV. Also, I've been experimenting with Twetch comments, and hopefully you'll soon be able to view them directly on the site here. Thanks for reading!

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Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams is the founder of CreateSV. He wants creators to own their work, generate value, and fully understand the Bitcoin environment.