Why Post to the Metanet?

Jan 25th 2020 by Joshua Williams

Why put your creative work onto the metanet?

For writers, artists, and musicians who have perhaps heard of bitcoin, but don't know much about it, there's often a fundamental question: "Why put my creative work onto the blockchain?" They may have heard that you can put creative content onto the blockchain; but, the technology seems so complex... what are the benefits? Is there a compelling argument to be made?

In this ever-expanding digital space, you want to own your work; you want to own your identity. Your work on the metanet can be seen by future generations as you want it to be seen: not watered-down, or buried beneath layers of mischaracterizations. Your identity as an artist is yours to portray, as you choose. This is ownership.

With complete ownership of your digital identity, and your work, you dictate the terms. New ways to monetize your work, ways that align with your values, now become possible. You can be creative in how you distribute your work, rather than having the rules set by a corporate platform. You can be creative with your business models.

With ownership, you dictate the rules for how your own unique creativity is shared, portrayed, or seen. Micropayments, paywalls, subscriptions... and new ways that haven't yet been imagined or demonstrated. Ways that aren't possible with today's internet, but which become possible with bitcoin.

These are early days. We're pioneers, and we'll have to experiment and learn.

Bitcoin is a technological revolution. Simply by posting content using various bitcoin applications, you're interacting with bitcoin. You're learning, and experiencing what it can do. It's a wonderful education, with its own trials, errors, and successes. But, you'll better understand bitcoin, and you'll realize that it can be as simple, or as complex, as you wish to make it. No matter what approach you take, bitcoin is powerful.

And, with this new technology, there is opportunity. As creative people, we want to fulfill our potential and find a sense of meaning in the world. No matter what your ambitions, you can create new business models that align with your values and dreams. There are so many possibilities, far beyond what I can imagine.

To the artists, writers, musicians, and all creative people, I say: bitcoin is for creatives. Try it. Learn. Build, and grow.

As always, thank you for reading. I'll certainly be building upon these thoughts and refining my ideas in future posts.

Please note: I originally posted this article to the blockchain, using the bit.sv application (a review of bit.sv will be coming soon- it's a great tool).

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Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams is the founder of CreateSV. He wants creators to own their work, generate value, and fully understand the Bitcoin environment.